How to Say the Colors in Spanish?

Answer Below is how to say some basic colors in Spanish. Spanish can be difficult to learn, especially if you already know another language, but with lots of practice, you could perfect it.

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How to Teach Spanish Colors?

Students who can already discriminate between colors in their native language will be able to learn Spanish colors easily. After all, it is simply learning new vocabulary words for familiar adjecti... Read More »

How to Teach Colors in Spanish to Preschoolers?

Preschoolers are like sponges. Many preschoolers can pick up new languages much faster than adults. Considering how much of the world speaks Spanish, teaching children the language young will only ... Read More »

Spanish Style House Colors?

Spanish colors are derived from the organic minerals and pigments in the environment. For example, red-orange hues found in ceramics and Spanish tile roofing come from earthy materials and dirt; go... Read More »

Grade One Lesson Plans for Spanish Colors?

Children are much better at picking up a foreign language than adults, and teaching children a second language from as early as the first grade can be beneficial. Teaching children about how to ide... Read More »