How to Say You Don't Speak Spanish?

Answer This will help you in many situations.

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Is there a difference in pay for those who speak Spanish& those who speak English?

On One Hand: Some Spanish Speakers Are Paid LessStudies conducted by New York University's Urban Research Center and the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas found that there are indeed pay differences b... Read More »

Im 14 and pregnant what shall you do your baby'z dad lives 300 miles away and you dont speak?

Answer You should find a way to talk to him and with him living that far away you cant really talk face to face so on the phone or email. Maybe email him and tell him you need to talk to him and it... Read More »

Talk show host guests dont get to speak 1996?

How to Speak Spanish 101?

Speaking Spanish 101, or basic Spanish, is a skill that can be easily acquired with little effort, and with enough practice can lead to increased fluency in the Spanish language. Because it's a lan... Read More »