How to Say Spain in Spanish?

Answer If you are travelling to Spain, or are talking about Spain while speaking spanish, you will need to know how to say the word "Spain" in spanish.

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Why should you study Spanish in Spain?

Recent studies show that studying abroad assists in personal growth, intercultural development and career achievement. The experience of studying a language among native speakers allows for cultura... Read More »

Why are Spanish guitars important in Spain?

Why are Spanish guitars important in Spain? Because the development and playing of this musical instrument are deeply embedded in the history of the country and the people.OriginAccording to John A... Read More »

How many people speak Spanish in Spain?

The languages spoken in Spain include Spanish, Catalan (in the north and east), Basque (in the northeast), and Galician (in the northwest). Approximately 35 million, or 82 percent, of the 42.7 mill... Read More »

Ideas for Projects on Spain & Spanish Culture?

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