How to Say "No" to Your Boss to Do Something Shady?

Answer Sometimes, during your professional career, your supervisor or manager may ask you to do something that you disagree with. In this case, it is important that you stand by your beliefs and morals by... Read More »

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How to Say "No" to Your Boss to Do Something Unethical?

When the boss asks you to do something unethical, it's difficult for most employees to say no. By doing so, you may feel that you risk consequences: being accused of insubordination, getting fired ... Read More »

With our all qualifications & experiences, we shouldn't try to be the boss of our BOSS at works place, agree?

Probably you've composed the question with contradictions, I'm sorry to say so! When one has that "qualifications" & "experiences", one would never go to be the 'boss' of one's BOSS! Well, I unders... Read More »

How to Stop Your Boss from Abusing You Sexually Without Losing Your Job?

Having a boss sexually assault you is wrong, demeaning, and unacceptable. However, it can be tough to stand up for yourself when your job is at stake. Here are some steps you fan take to stand up f... Read More »

How to Make Sure Your Child Doesn't Say Embarrassing Things to Your Boss?

Whether it’s “Take Your Child to Work Day” or if your child plans to accompany you to the office, kids will say and do the “darndest” things--especially when around your superiors. Regard... Read More »