How to Save a Stored Procedure in MS SQL 2005?

Answer SQL Server stored procedures provide many benefits over dynamic SQL statements, the main benefit being that stored procedures are pre-compiled which will improve the performance of your queries. Al... Read More »

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How to Call an SQL Stored Procedure Using MS Access VBA?

Knowing how to call a Microsoft SQL Server stored procedure from Microsoft Office Access using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) can save you time when you need to execute the stored procedure. ... Read More »

How to Call a Stored Procedure in an SQL Server From VB?

Microsoft Visual Basic provides developers with a coding language that creates dynamic Web pages and desktop applications. Visual Basic is a part of the Microsoft .NET framework. To create these dy... Read More »

Where can I find any MySQL sample regarding Stored Procedure?

I hope this link will help you…It helped me to resolve some of my problems...

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