How to Save URLs in IE7?

Answer Remembering the URL of all the interesting websites you find online is a difficult task. Rather than trying to remember a URL, save it as a "favorite" in Internet Explorer. The websites you save ar... Read More »

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How do i embed urls?

Embed a clickable URL link using the following HTML code: Visible TextReplace "" with the webpage address (preserving the quotation marks), and then enter any text in place of "V... Read More »

What Are MP3 URLs?

MP3 is a common compression format for audio files, such as songs. Audio CDs for sale at music stores hold about 700 MB of data, and typically contain one complete album, or 80 minutes of uncompres... Read More »

How do I clear URLs?

Open Windows Registry EditorClick on the "Start" menu, type "regedit" into the Search Programs and Files box and press "Enter." The Windows Registry Editor opens.Locate Registry KeyLocate the regis... Read More »

How do I get song URLs?

Go to an online uploading/hosting site. (See Resources for uploading/hosting site options.) On the uploading/hosting site, go to the site's "Browse" option, select it and load the song file from yo... Read More »