How to Save Stranded Whales?

Answer Whales are found stranded on beaches throughout the world each year. In May 2011, a pod of 21 pilot whales was found in the Florida Keys. The problem that arises with stranded whales is providing q... Read More »

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How to Help Save Whales?

A humpback whale breaching.Whales are some of the most magnificent, amazing and majestic creatures on Earth! They breach high in the out the fish, eventually starving the whales! And released heliu... Read More »

How to Save the Beluga Whales?

Beluga whales are a critically endangered species that is typically found in Arctic waters. This small whale is on the brink of extinction mostly because of humans. Hunting, climate change and poll... Read More »

If you were stranded on an Island....?

How to Move a Stranded Car?

Most car owners are unaware of basic functional parts of their own cars. So when it stops in the highway, a few fundamental check ups will tell the driver whether the vehicle can be pushed by someo... Read More »