How to Save Seeds From a Potato?

Answer Seed potatoes are ideal for planting because they are smaller than traditional potatoes. Small potatoes left over from a harvest can also be used. If the seeds from traditional potatoes are taken c... Read More »

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Can you get potato seeds from potatoes?

Wow, so many incorrect or just plain silly answers. Potatoes are a member of the same family as deadly nightshade and tomatoes. They produce flowers and fruit which are very similar to tomatoes, ... Read More »

How do i save the seeds from a sunflower?

Wait for MaturityWait to save seeds until the backs of the sunflower heads turn brown or the petals begin to fall from the head. The sunflower seeds develop black stripes at this time. Cut off the ... Read More »

How do I save seeds from geraniums?

PreparationAllow a healthy geranium flower to remain on the plant at the end of the blooming season. Allow the flower to die and turn brown naturally.DryingTie a piece of netting or cheesecloth aro... Read More »

How do i save seeds from wheat?

When to HarvestHarvest the wheat when the plants turn a golden yellow color and the wheat heads have begun to grow. Using a clean pair of pruning shears, sickle or a sharp scythe, cut the plants cl... Read More »