How to Save Power When Watching a Movie on a Vista Laptop?

Answer When you're a laptop user who's always on the go, saving power is of the utmost importance. Typing a text document or simply browsing the Internet won't consume your laptop's battery very quickly, ... Read More »

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When watching a movie and the audio begins to go faster than the movie but then when you watch it again it works is it the fault of the DVD or the DVD player?

A single layer would be approximately be 43GB(gigabytes) and a dual layer would be approximately 85GB.

How to save the movie, music, etc that I'm watching online on windows media player in my computer harddrive?

download the movies to the computer with the help of Internet Download Manager software ....Then u know how to copy and paste ......

How to Save Power on a Laptop?

So you want to save some juice on your laptop... find out how!

I have LG 3D TV and a 3D movie on my laptop when I try to conncet the laptop to the TV to watch the movie?

Your laptop is not a 3D blu ray disc player. Just because you down load a 3D movie it does not make it a 3D. Keep in mind that to watch in 3D you will need the following: 3D HDTV, 3D blu ray disc p... Read More »