How to Save Money for Emergencies (Spend to Save Method)?

Answer Have you ever got the "Empty Pocket" disease? Or wanted to buy something but a message showed up saying "Insufficient funds"? Well, here is the "survival kit", which uses the (Spend to save) rule t... Read More »

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Save Money On Groceries - How To Save Money On Grocery Shopping At The Supermarket?

1. Seasonal offers, weekend special discounts and grocery food coupons are the all-time favorite money-savers while shopping at the supermarket. Plus, if you shop at the same place for a while, you... Read More »

Do energy save light bulb Really Save you Money?

YES with the cost of electricity now !!!!but go and buy them from ikea, which is a lot cheaper than b&q etc

What's a good spend/save ratio?

Hi there! It's tough to say how much you should save without knowing your age, income or other information, but generally, it's smart to save at least 10 percent to 15 percent of your income for re... Read More »

How to Save Water While Flushing (Soda Bottle and Pebble Method)?

Toilets are one of the major uses of water. If you don't have a water-saving toilet, you can still save gallons of water every time you flush.