How to Save Money And Keep Razor Blades Sharp?

Answer Replacing razor blades is costly and, since dull blades quickly end up in the trash, keeping them sharp longer is a way to save money. While the main reasons blades become dull are coarse hair and... Read More »

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How do I keep my razor blades sharp?

SharpeningTake a pair of jeans and move the razor blade up and down the pant leg. This will sharpen the blade. Use an older pair of jeans as the process can wear the jeans thin.PreventionStoring th... Read More »

How to Keep My Razor Blades Sharp?

Razor blades dull from everyday use and oxidation. Oxidation to razor blades is caused by water, which sits on blades after use. This oxidation corrodes delicate metals and breaks them down, causin... Read More »

How to Keep Razor Blades Sharp Forever?

Dull razor blades don't just cause you more nicks and cuts on your face or legs, they also cost you money to replace them. No matter what kind of blade you buy or how much money you spend, razor bl... Read More »

Save Money On Groceries - How To Save Money On Grocery Shopping At The Supermarket?

1. Seasonal offers, weekend special discounts and grocery food coupons are the all-time favorite money-savers while shopping at the supermarket. Plus, if you shop at the same place for a while, you... Read More »