How to Save Keystrokes as a Function Key in Windows XP?

Answer Save a series of keystrokes as a function key in Windows XP by assigning macros. By using the Microsoft IntelliType Pro software, you can record keystrokes and actions and save them as a macro. Aft... Read More »

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How to Log out of Windows Xp in Five Keystrokes?

This trick really doesn't have much practical purpose, but it does make life just the tiniest bit easier if you're running Windows XP.

How to Log Out of Windows XP in Three Keystrokes?

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How to Freeze a Windows PC in 3 Keystrokes?

Some people just don't get along well with computers. Some people just like to make computers suffer. If you are one of these people, or if you just want to mess up someone's day, read on.

How do I block keystrokes in Windows XP?

Using Task ManagerPress the CTRL+ALT+DELETE keys simultaneously to open Task Manager. Select "Lock Computer," or click "Switch User" from the Shut Down menu.Using KeystrokesBlock keystrokes by pres... Read More »