How to Save Keynote Files From an iPad?

Answer Keynote, which is the presentation application in Apple's iWork software bundle, is available for both Mac OS X and the iPad so that you can transfer files between the two. Keynote presentation sav... Read More »

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How to Move Videos to an iPad to Use in Keynote?

Keynote is part of Apple's iWork productivity software suite, and it allows you to create multimedia presentations on the iPad that include music, animations and videos. You can incorporate any vid... Read More »

What is better keynote or pages for Apple iPad 2?

It can hold over 600 but dont watch porn because that will slow that Down I would know

How to Change the Theme in Keynote for iPad?

One of the benefits of using Apple's Keynote slideshow software is that it has built-in themes that you can use to customize your presentation and give it a more distinct look and feel. When you cr... Read More »

What are these files that end with .EXE Can we delete all files ending with .exe to save hard disk space?

.exe file are executionable files - they are the ones that run your programs. If you delete these, none of your programs will work. All files relate to a program - if you don't know what it is, l... Read More »