How to Save Documents on a RW DVD?

Answer DVD RWs are ideal for quickly backing up a file or transferring it to another computer, thanks to the discs special ability to be erased and reused multiple times. Save your documents to a DVD RW i... Read More »

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How Can I Save My Documents in Word Pad?

WordPad is a Microsoft word processing program that comes standard on all Windows computers. Microsoft Word and WordPad are somewhat similar. However, WordPad is not as sophisticated as Word. WordP... Read More »

How long should you save tax estate documents?

You should save estate tax documents for seven years after you sell or transfer ownership of the property and assets associated with the estate. This will help you to prove statements made on your... Read More »

Why does my computer want to save what I try to print in My Documents?

Looks like a virus or malware to me. Run a full system scan using Avira or Malwarebytes. This should be able to help you solve your problem. Both are freewares. You can download them at www.downloa... Read More »

How to Decide When to Save Documents in PDF (Acrobat) Format?

Documents saved in PDF or Acrobat format can be read by anyone that has a free PDF reader, such as Adobe Acrobat, on their computer. As the document's author, you must save your work into Acrobat o... Read More »