How to Sand a Floor With a Belt Sander?

Answer Refinishing a wood floor usually requires renting a large stand-up drum sander. However, if you've got a smaller room, the drum sander won't work, because you won't be able to maneuver it. In that ... Read More »

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How do I convert a belt sander to a floor sander?

Floor PreparationRemove all floor trim. Get the floor clean and dry. Go over it with a hammer and nail set to drive down any raised heads. Leave no large splinters or obstructions.Sander Preparatio... Read More »

What grain of sand paper for my belt sander when sanding my feet?

Hello sweet ((((((( Queen Of Yack )))))))Personally I would use a Ped may be a little bit softer on your feet.. :)(((((((( HUGS )))))))In Jesus Most Precious Name..With ~Love~ In Christ.. :)

How to Sand a Car Using a DA Sander?

A dual action (DA) sander is used to remove paint from your car in preparation for repainting. It also is helpful in revealing the previous bodywork history and paint layers of your vehicle. Unlike... Read More »

How to Sand a Car With an Air Sander?

Air sanders, sometimes called dual-action (DA) sanders, are one of the most useful tools for the body-repair mechanic or the ambitious amateur repairperson. Run by compressed air from a tank, air s... Read More »