How to Sand & Buff Clearcoat?

Answer Clearcoat paint offers several coats of protection for your car's underlying pigment paint. After you've applied a new enamel or lacquer paint to your car, you will need to add several coats of cle... Read More »

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How to Color-Sand With a Clearcoat?

Color-sanding your car allows you to remove the top layer of finish on your car and achieve a fine, evenly buffed surface, or it can be done as a preparation for refinishing your vehicle. A great w... Read More »

How to Wet Sand and Buff a Car?

Wet sanding and buffing enhances a car's appearance for car shows and increases the vehicle's value for resale. Many new cars arrive at the dealership with a finish resembling orange peel. In highe... Read More »

How to Wet Sand & Buff?

Wet sanding is done after paint is applied to a car or other automobile to completely smooth the surface of the paint. You must use wet sanding paper that is finer than dry sandpaper and used with ... Read More »

How to Sand & Buff a Vehicle?

The paint on your car gets abused each time you park in the sun or under a tree, or drive through the rain or an area with a high love-bug population. The clear coat on top of the base color coat o... Read More »