How to Salvage a Corvette Z06?

Answer Chevrolet Corvette Z06 models can become "totaled" through accidents or misuse and wind up in auto-salvage yards to be picked clean of valuable parts. Salvaging these Corvette Z06 parts for resale... Read More »

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What is a Salvage Title Car?

Salvage title vehicles are a good choice for those looking to buy an inexpensive car. Often found in auctions and purchased from owners or small dealers, salvage cars can be found nearly anywhere i... Read More »

What is a salvage title on a car?

The certificate of title for a vehicle is required if you want to register, insure or purchase plates for your vehicle. Salvage titles are issued primarily when an insurance company deems a car to ... Read More »

What is the value of a salvage vehicle?

A salvage vehicle is a vehicle that has incurred such severe damage that the cost of repairs exceeds a percentage of the vehicle's cost designated by the insurance company as its salvage value. Thi... Read More »

How much is a salvage vehicle's value?

The value of a salvage vehicle can be determined via its Kelley Book Value (see "Resources") and deducting 20 to 40 percent. A more accurate way is to take the vehicle to an automobile appraiser.So... Read More »