How to Safely Remove False Nails?

Answer Women may choose to wear false nails for their beauty and some may choose them for grooming purposes. For women that get painful splits in natural nails, they can be beneficial. However, acrylic an... Read More »

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How to Remove False Nails?

False nails can be a joy to look at, but removing them requires time and patience because the same adhesive that keeps them firmly attached to your natural nails needs to be dissolved to release th... Read More »

How to Remove Professional False Nails?

Whether you regularly get your nails done professionally or you did it once for a random night out or for a wedding, there will come a time when you need to take them off. Sometimes you cannot wait... Read More »

How to Remove False Finger Nails?

If you are not able to get to the salon to have your false finger nails removed professionally, it's possible to remove them on your own using common nail care products. Rushing the procedure or tr... Read More »

How to Remove Fake Nails Safely?

If you have ever tried to remove fake nails at home by just pulling them off, you know the dangers. Not only is the process painful, it also damages your real nails, leaving them weak, torn and thi... Read More »