How to Run a Macro on Multiple Files in MS Word?

Answer Since work and personal projects can easily extend beyond a single Word document, it makes sense to enable your macros to work on multiple documents. You can do this by using Visual Basic's "Open" ... Read More »

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How to link multiple excel files to a same macro?

When you ALT+F11 into the VB editor you should see a file called PERSONAL.XLS in the Project Explorer window.This is shareable across all other workbooks on your machine.Move your module to this bo... Read More »

How to Convert Multiple Word Files to PDF?

You can combine Microsoft Word 2007 documents together to create portable document format (PDF) files from within the Word program. You can convert multiple Word files into one PDF file by using Wo... Read More »

What is an MS Word macro?

A macro is a file containing programming code used to automate tasks. A macro runs like a script within the Microsoft Word application either automatically or through a user command. Word 2008 no l... Read More »

MS Word Macro Basics?

Microsoft Word macros are programs developers write in the Visual Basic programming language. These programs can perform all of the tasks for which you use Word, and do so more quickly and with few... Read More »