How to Run a Chevy OBD1?

Answer In 1996, On Board Diagnostics became universal for vehicles sold in the United States. This means the same vehicle diagnostic system is used across all makes and models. The system is often abbrev... Read More »

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How to Reset an OBD1 Computer?

Beginning in the 1985, auto manufacturers incorporated the OBD1 computer system in certain passenger and light duty trucks. The on board diagnostic system monitors the fuel, emissions ignition and ... Read More »

Differences Between OBD1 & OBD2?

On-board diagnostics (OBD) monitor the various systems in automobiles and trigger various alerts when a system fails or falls short of performance requirements. Two types of OBD exist: OBD1 and OBD... Read More »

Will a 1981 chevy hood fit on a 1979 chevy truck?

The hood from a 1981 will not interchange with a 1979 Chevy truck. The hood and front fenders from a 1973 to 1980 Chevy will interchange. The 1979 door will fit the 1981 if it is from the same type... Read More »

How to Replace a Big Block Chevy With a Small Block Chevy?

Replacing a big block Chevy engine with a small block Chevy engine requires only minor changes. There is less difficulty with clearance when downsizing. The major consideration is the exhaust. The ... Read More »