How to Run Your Car on Veggie Oil?

Answer The original diesel engine was designed to run on vegetable oil, and older-model diesel engines can be converted to run primarily on common fry oil rather than petroleum products. Clean cooking oil... Read More »

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Vegetarians! If your current partner forced you to choose between them and your veggie diet, which'd you pick?

No one who loves me would give me that kind of ultimatum. If that's the choice they gave me, they can pack their bags and let the doorknob hit them in the butt on the way out.

What is your favorite veggie?

Artichokes - boiled or steamed, dipped in melted butter or mayo.One way to get the most flavor out of your veggies without seasoning is to steam them, rather than boil them.Also, those Mrs. Dash se... Read More »

Whats your favorite veggie?

I like a lot of veggies, but for the last few months it's been asparagus. Lightly steamed with hollandaise. Yum!

Who is your veggie support system?

One of my cousins only orders veggie food when we go out to eat. I never told him that eating with omnis bothers me (because it doesn't), and he's never mentioned why he does it.After I became a v... Read More »