How to Run Word 2000 & Word 2007 on the Same System?

Answer Although it's usually best to upgrade to the newer version of any software package, it's sometimes necessary to keep the older version installed. If you'd like to upgrade to Microsoft Office 2007,... Read More »

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Can Word 2006 be installed at the same time as Word 2007?

Yes, multiple versions of Microsoft Word can be installed on a computer at the same time. Microsoft recommends installing the versions in order (for example Word 2006 before Word 2007). Run a Custo... Read More »

Is Word 2007 and Word 5.0 the same thing?

Microsoft Word is a popular word processing program now included as part of the Microsoft Office suite for computers running Windows operating systems. Word 5.0 first debuted in 1990, while Word 20... Read More »

Is Word 2007& Word 5.0 the same thing?

Microsoft Word 5.0 and Word 2007 are not the same product. Word 5.0 was released in the early 1990s, while Word 2007 was released about 15 years later. Word 2007 is also known as Word 12.0.Source:C... Read More »

What format do I use in MS Word 2007 so it can be opened on a Mac system?

The Mac should have no problem reading the MS Word 2007 file from a PC, but just in case, you can save it as a rich text format file. Click the Microsoft Office button, and then "Save As." Select "... Read More »