How to Run Faster on Campaign in "Halo: Reach"?

Answer To run faster than the default speed in the "Halo: Reach" campaign mode, players must equip the Sprint armor ability module. This ability grants short bursts of increased running speed that is very... Read More »

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How to Keep Your Allies Alive During the Campaign on Halo 3?

"Don't let me die Master Chief! *Cry*"During Halo 3's campaign you get many allies to aid you in your fight against the Covenant, whether it be Marines, Elites or even in some cases Flood! But the ... Read More »

How to Win at Halo Reach?

Halo ReachThe following section teach you how to win in Halo: Reach of per bullet point game-type, which is possibly the easiest game-type ever. You see the main rule for this game-type is luck, yo... Read More »

How to Use Sprint in Halo: Reach?

Within this article you will learn how to use sprint to its full use.

How to Be Good at Halo Reach?

I'm going to teach you how to be good at halo reach. Here are the basics and some technical stuff.