How to Run Electricity to a Plug?

Answer Electricity is run from the home's distribution panel to a wall outlet. A device's male plug is inserted into this outlet to provide it with power. A typical outlet is connected with 14/3 gauge wir... Read More »

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If a tv plug is in, but it's not on, am i using electricity?

Yes actually....look at these...apparently a little electricity "leaks" through even if it's not turned on b/c the the cables are still touching and your power is on in the rest of your Read More »

Does leaving a charger cable in a plug outlet waste electricity?

I was just thinking about this too! Hhaha. But yes it does. As long as something's plugged into the outlet, it still "consumes" electricity. (Idk what other word to use.) Even if your TV is plugged... Read More »

Does a plug socket use electricity if it is switched on at the mains but no device attached to it?

Normally, it will not. Unless, the plug has some on/off indicator running off the electricity; in this case the electricity consumed should be very, very negligible. The other possibility of electr... Read More »

Are there any problems using appliances purchased for 120v 60Hz electricity on 120v 50Hz electricity?

A very important note There is no such thing as a 120 volt 50 Hz service! (But see >> Correction!