How to Run ANOVA in Excel 2007?

Answer Analysis of variance, or ANOVA, is an advanced statistical technique that analyzes data and tests a hypothesis concerning the population mean. ANOVA can give you an idea if the mean between two pop... Read More »

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How to Create a One Way ANOVA in Excel?

If you need to determine whether variations in a group of results are because of a significant change in variables or random chance, you need to perform an analysis of variance (ANOVA). You use a o... Read More »

How to Interpret Excel ANOVA?

ANOVA stands for analysis of variance. The two-way with replication ANOVA test examines data from repeated trials during which both "factors" and "levels" are varied. For example, an ANOVA experime... Read More »

Access Denied When Saving From the Excel 2007 Format to Excel 2003?

Converting a file from Excel 2007 to Excel 2003 allows users with older spreadsheet software to view the content of the file. However, if the folder in which the Excel file is contained is set to "... Read More »

How to Get Excel 2007 to Open Excel Documents when You Double Click Them?

When you double-click an Excel file, either from Explorer or from Outlook, does Excel 2007 open yet no file gets loaded? I've two things you can try to remedy this.