How to Run ANOVA in Excel 2007?

Answer Analysis of variance, or ANOVA, is an advanced statistical technique that analyzes data and tests a hypothesis concerning the population mean. ANOVA can give you an idea if the mean between two pop... Read More »

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How to Interpret Excel ANOVA?

ANOVA stands for analysis of variance. The two-way with replication ANOVA test examines data from repeated trials during which both "factors" and "levels" are varied. For example, an ANOVA experime... Read More »

How to Create a One Way ANOVA in Excel?

If you need to determine whether variations in a group of results are because of a significant change in variables or random chance, you need to perform an analysis of variance (ANOVA). You use a o... Read More »

How do I convert read-only for Excel 2007 to Excel 2003 to make changes?

Save As An Earlier VersionOpen the read-only 2007 Excel sheet. Select the Microsoft Office button that is located at the very top left-hand corner, and looks like the Microsoft Office logo. From th... Read More »

How to Get Excel 2007 to Open Excel Documents when You Double Click Them?

When you double-click an Excel file, either from Explorer or from Outlook, does Excel 2007 open yet no file gets loaded? I've two things you can try to remedy this.