How to Run 2 Times As Fast?

Answer Running takes time, hard work and motivation. Runners are often anxious to see changes in their bodies as well as their performance. Although your distance and stamina may be improving, it is somet... Read More »

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Why is it at times cable internet is so fast then other times it is slow?

It's cool to be first in line. I get first hit at the cable wire.Doesn't work that way, but my neighbors think it does.It is true, with Cable you share the bandwidth, but everybody gets hit at the... Read More »

Most of the times my heartbeat become very fast?

maybe it's 3 might help too, should find out the source of it.

How many times a week do you eat fast food?

Less than once a week and when I do it's when I'm traveling - usually is will be a sandwich from a coffeeshop in an airport or train station. The most recent was a cheese broodje in Amsterdam Centr... Read More »

My reverse valve has been replaced 3 times on my unit in 4 years. What causes it to go out so fast Pressure?

I've never had to change a reversing valve and I've been installing heat pumps for years. When I've seen high pressure they usually freeze up. I would say there is a wiring problem or perhaps there... Read More »