How to Round the Edges of Your Nails?

Answer Fingernails are a natural accessory. You can change the look of them by altering the shape, painting them in different colors, and adding designs. The main shapes of fingernails are pointy, square,... Read More »

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How to Attach the Quarter Round to the Baseboard Without Nails?

Quarter-round molding is a thin strip of wood shaped with two flat sides and a rounded crest. This finish molding is commonly connected to baseboard trim along the floor to protect the wood and hid... Read More »

Are acrylic gel nails or silk wrapped artificial nails better for your real nails?

Here is more information about Gel and Acrylic nail'm a nail technician and to be honest, they're both going to damage your natural nail bed.A... Read More »

What is the difference between acrylic nails, gel nails, and solar nails?

okk..... acrylic nails....there are many options for acrylics.. french, american, or regular tips.. frech and american can only be clear.. regular can be used as any color that you can apply ontop... Read More »

Recently had a dishwasher installed and now have an upstairs toilet that doesn't want to flush properly a lot of the time the water goes round and round but not down?

Both dishwasher and toilet are sharing the same outlet pipe/drain it is possible when disahwasher is in use it is blocking of the drain somehow so the toilet water has nowhere to go - you need to h... Read More »