How to Round Money to the Nearest Tenth?

Answer Sometimes when you perform division with monetary values, you receive a result that does not make sense in terms of dollars and cents. For example, you may have $32.453. In U.S. currency, there is ... Read More »

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How to Do Math Problems to the Nearest Tenth?

Rounding has applications in banking, retail sales, engineering and any field that uses numbers. The process of rounding enables solutions to math problems that result in numbers that are easier to... Read More »

How to Round to the Nearest Ten Dollars?

Rounding numbers to the nearest $10 makes doing any kind of money math much easier to calculate. This happens because rounding numbers turns them into whole numbers, and whole numbers are easier to... Read More »

Round 856,836 to the nearest thousand?

How to Round to the Nearest Integer in SQL?

The website database standard SQL has several built-in functions for rounding numbers. While most users will find the simple ROUND() command sufficient, some programmers will want to nudge the dire... Read More »