How to Round Addition Problems?

Answer When you're on a budget, figuring your weekly bills or calculating the cost of a restaurant meal, it can be useful to estimate your costs before you pay. For this purpose and many others, using sim... Read More »

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Addition & Subtraction Problems for 3rd Grade?

Your third-grader will start learning complex equations involving large numbers, remainders and deficits. The math can be challenging at first, but with the proper guidance and support, your child ... Read More »

What Are Addends in Math Addition Problems?

Addends are numbers used in an addition problem, 2 + 3 = 5. Two and 3 are the addends, while 5 is the sum. Addition problems can have two or more addends, which can be single- or double-digit numbe... Read More »

How to Work Out Problems Doing Addition Reactions for Chemistry?

When you add bromine to 3-hexene, the bromine atoms will add to the hexene molecule such that you end up with 3,4-dibromohexene. This is an example of an addition reaction, a reaction where two sma... Read More »

How to Solve Addition & Subtraction Word Problems?

Word problems in math can be difficult to solve because the wording can be confusing. The best way to tackle word problems is to break them down into smaller parts and solve each part to receive th... Read More »