How to Roughly Sketch a Person?

Answer Sketches are vital to the artistic process because they can provide a rough framework for a final product. It is not necessary for a sketch to be perfect, but it should bear some resemblance or at ... Read More »

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What is the difference between two-dimensional sketch and an isometric sketch?

2D sketches show objects as you were looking them straight on, whether the front, side and rear views. There are four main types of pictorial (3D) drawing methods: isometric oblique planometric 1... Read More »

How to Sketch and Work from a Sketch?

Sketching and painting is great fun, especially if you're sketching something that you like. Once you start painting and sketching, you'll probably find that your style of painting and sketching is... Read More »

Roughly, how much does a TV cost to run per hour in the UK?

Depends on the size of the TVA 32" LCD ~ 150w/hour (.15KWh) or about 2p

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