How to Root Yams?

Answer Yams are a vegetable that is also commonly known as the sweet potato. The scientific name for the yam is the Ipomoea batatas. In warmer climates in North America, yams are readily available and ea... Read More »

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Do new zealanders eat yams?

New Zealanders do eat yams. There is in fact a type of yam called the "New Zealand Yam." According to Horticulture New Zealand, these yams are originally from the South American Andes, where they a... Read More »

How to Best Store Yams?

Yams are not the moderately sweet, often orange-fleshed vegetables that are a common part of many Thanksgiving dinners. These items, though often called yams, are in fact sweet potatoes. True yams,... Read More »

How to Make Yams?

This easy yam recipe is extra sweet and simply irresistible. It will go well with turkey or ham.

How to Juice Yams?

Yams are natives of African and Asia, but they have been a food staple for centuries in South America and the Pacific Islands. As a root vegetable, the yam juices most easily in a twin gear juicer,... Read More »