How to Roll Hair With Rods?

Answer Some women were born with beautiful ringlets. If you were not, don't worry, using curling rods are one way to get luscious curly locks. Rolling your hair requires a a few supplies and a little eff... Read More »

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How to Roll Hair With Flexi Rods?

When women want spiral curls, they have traditionally resorted to setting their hair on plastic or foam rollers, or painstakingly curling small sections of hair with a curling iron. The heat of a c... Read More »

How to Roll Hair with Spiral Rods?

Rolling hair with a spiral rod is different than using a regular barrel roller. Spiral rods are long and cylindrical. The bendable rods are designed to create a long, flowing spiral curl. Learn the... Read More »

How to Roll Perm Rods?

Perm rods come in different sizes. The smaller the cylinder, the tighter the curl. Perm rods are color-coded according to size. Red rods are the smallest and create tight curls for short hair. The ... Read More »

What is the Correct Way to Roll Perm Rods?

There is a very specific way to set up the rods and curlers for a proper perm. If the correct rolling method is not followed, the perm may not turn out properly, and the hair may lose its hold and ... Read More »