How to Rock a Bald Head Like Damon Wayans?

Answer Whether you shave your head on purpose or you're "follicly-challenged," you too can rock a bald head like Damon Wayans. The outrageous comedian has managed to pull off what few others can: look so ... Read More »

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Is Kenneth parcel from 30 rock bald?

i don't know. but i do remember him saying that he wears a hair piece. so that could mean he has receding hairline.

Should i be down all the time & not doing anything because my head is bald...?

Listen babe, not be shy and afraid. Its fine to be bald some models in my model company are bald and they are very beautiful. Try buying a wig if it makes you feel better, but be proud and people w... Read More »

How to Attach a Wig to a Bald Head?

Knowing how to properly attach a wig to your bald head can mean the difference between funny looks and flattering compliments. A wig will give you a new look and a new attitude, so you want to make... Read More »

Do you like bald head or hair?