How to Roam on a Globe That Is Prepaid?

Answer Globe is a wireless service provider based in the Philippines that offers both postpaid and prepaid cell phone service. If you own a prepaid Globe phone, you may need to activate its roaming capabi... Read More »

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Can you put an iPhone on prepaid was think of buying a iPhone 3G and i want to know if i could unlock it and put it on prepaid or something like that i live Canada and i have fido?

No, you do not. The only time you would have to is if you are using an internet service like BTOpenzone or The Cloud.Hope I Helped =]

Parts of the Globe That Are Affected by Hurricanes?

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Where can i get a glass round globe that fits on a kitchen light?

After i saw your question I search it on Google and i get so many sites. I visit some of them and like one which i share with you below sites have Huge Selection of L... Read More »

Is it better to buy a phone that is prepaid?

depends on how often you'd use it... if its just for emergencies prepaids the best but for calling and texting alot I'd choose a monthly service.