How to Rip Footage From a Handycam?

Answer The process of ripping footage from a handycam depends on the storage format the handycam uses. This can be a tape in HDV, MiniDV, Digital8, Hi8 or Video8 format. This also can be a file-based stor... Read More »

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If footage was shot from an 80's camera in 2011, would it look similar to the 80's footage?

Hi Azoshi: Well, it's not exactly a stupid question, but since you asked it in the Camcorders category and used the term "film aging", let's clarify some of your terms. Camcorders (which I guess is... Read More »

If I use a JVC camcorder to record footage, how do I get my footage from the camera to the computer?

Since you share absolutely NO USEFUL INFORMATION about your camcorder, you make it impossible for anyone to help you.

Can any one let me know how to use a handycam as a web cam?

Most digital cameras have a option for using them as a webcam. If you will find the option then be sure that you will connect your camera to your computer via data cable to use it as a webcam.When ... Read More »

What handycam is currently the best ?…This isn't the best , but I think It has the most value for money. At Amazon they link you to some people that sell it new for as little as $327.00 + $5.... Read More »