How to Rig an Anchor Trip Line?

Answer To some boaters, there is nothing more aggravating than a fouled anchor. The problem occurs when an anchor becomes so wedged under a rock or underwater vegetation that it just will not come up. Boa... Read More »

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Who was the female anchor that worked for ESPN and then was a replacement anchor for Good Morning America in the 1980s?

If you're insurance coverd u for 30 days would you still be covered if you've no intention of coming home within 1st 30 days and then bought a single trip cover for rest of trip?

How to Anchor a Powerboat?

Anchoring is one of the things that every boat handler, recreational or commercial, must learn to do. If you've never done it before, go out and practice the next time you go boating. Anchoring in ... Read More »

How to Anchor a Canoe?

If you fish, bird- or wildlife-watch, sketch or take photos from a canoe, you understand the need to bring the boat to a static position on the water. This is done with an anchor. Because canoes ha... Read More »