How to Rig a Ribbon Pinata?

Answer A pinata makes an entertaining party activity for children and adults alike. Guests take turns attempting to break open the pinata's body to release candy or other favors. Ribbon pinatas are a good... Read More »

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What was the Pinata used for?

The pinata originated in China and was used as a symbol of luck during New Year celebration. They became popular in Europe as part of the celebration of Lent. Spanish missionaries used pinatas in N... Read More »

How to Buy a Pinata?

A piñata is a colorful and entertaining addition to a birthday party. Everybody can admire the brightly colored creature until it's time to take turns trying to hit it. Then it all ends in candy.

What is a pinata?

Pinatas are made in different shapes and are tied to a string wrapped around a branch and beaten by blindfolded children with a stick, until it breaks and candy spills out. Even though pinatas are ... Read More »

What does the mark over the"n"in pinata mean?

The mark over the Spanish "n" is called a tilde. The tilde turns the letter into an "enye," which is pronounced like an "n" with a "y." For example, the word "piñata" is pronounced "pinyata" and t... Read More »