How to Rig Soft Baits?

Answer Many people have dreamt of becoming the Bass Master. While some play video games to fulfill their dreams, others fish in real life for recreation and fun. Rigging bait is one of the first steps in ... Read More »

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The Best Trout Fishing Soft Lure Baits?

Bass anglers understand the benefits of soft bait, but many anglers overlook soft bait when going after trout. Soft bait comes in many different types, and is an alternative to live bait. Most soft... Read More »

How to Use Crank Baits?

Crank baits are a popular type of fishing lure that many experienced fishers use to catch specific varieties of local fish. These lures, which fit onto a conventional fishing pole or other fishing ... Read More »

How to Build Your Own Crank Baits?

Crank baits are used by freshwater and saltwater anglers to attract and catch a wide variety of game fish. Designed to imitate small bait fish swimming in the water, a wide variety of crank baits a... Read More »

How to Make Spinner Baits?

Stocking up on expensive high-tech lures doesn't guarantee you'll catch a fish. Spinnerbaits are relatively easy to make, and you'll feel a much greater sense of accomplishment catching a fish usin... Read More »