How to Ride a 2008 Harley Fat Boy?

Answer In 1990, Harley Davidson introduced a new model to their Softail line of bikes. "The FatBoy was Milwaukee's first novelty bike..." This new model was the creation of Willie G. Davidson, the grands... Read More »

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If i'm a nerd with a skin disease and I owned a Harley could I still hang out and ride with Harley Riders?

You are welcome to ride with us. On an average ride we have;- a computer repair tech- 3 or 4 olde retired pharts- two lesbians- one veterinarian- a couple of "poseurs"- one plumber that we nickname... Read More »

How to Ride a Harley Davidson?

Riding and owning a Harley Davidson motorcycle is an honor and a privilege. There are some basic tenets that you should remember to keep the ride safe and memorable.

How can I get my boyfriend to ride behind me on my Harley?

You could kidnap his family and put a gun to his head, but he'll probably still refuse. As would any guy in existence. Why don't you just ask him to carry a pink purse and wear eyeliner while you'r... Read More »

Would you like to ride a Harley D on route 66?

When i was young i vowed to buy a Harley when finances allowed and drive off into the sunset.However reading into the road reports of the time and being young and impressionable i bought a Suzuki 7... Read More »