How to Rid Your Tree of Walnuts?

Answer Walnut trees begin to drop their nuts in late August in most parts of the United States. While walnuts are delicious and nutritious nuts, the husks contain a substance that can stain skin and fabri... Read More »

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When Do Black Walnuts Fall Off the Tree?

Black walnuts are used in ice cream, candy and commercial baking. The shells of the black walnut may be ground finely and used as an abrasive polish or added to well-drilling mud. A source of excel... Read More »

How long does it take for a walnut tree to produce walnuts?

Short answer: it depends on several factors, but 5-7 years is common, while it can often be even longer. Or possibly shorter.To begin with, there are several varieties of Walnut trees of both of th... Read More »

Do unshelled walnuts have the same benefits as shelled walnuts?

One assumes that the nutritional value is the same because you don't consume the shell. As long as you keep it in an airtight container, the walnut will not go stale. Because of the high quantities... Read More »

If a tree branch falls from your neighbor's tree into your yard, should he have to pick it up?

Legally, in most states if it is in your yard, then it's your problem.