How to Rhyme on Beat?

Answer Rap is one of the most accessible genres of music to experiment with. You don't need an instrument or musical training to play a beat and rhyme some lines over it. That said, there are musical conv... Read More »

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My heart beat starts to beat really fast?

If you are out of shape or overweight,(even if you are not) moving yourself should not do that, get yourself to a Doctor as soon as possible, even at your age better to get a professional opinion..... Read More »

How to Rhyme Rap?

The rap industry is a multimillion-dollar industry that includes various popular and influential artists. Although it may seem unlikely, rap music actually includes story- telling and requires an u... Read More »

What is an eye rhyme?

An "eye rhyme," or imperfect rhyme, is a rhyme made of words that appear to rhyme because they have similar spelling but in fact don't sound alike. For example, "forth" and "worth" or "love" and "m... Read More »

How to Rhyme?

Everyone wants to write the perfect song or poem. Rhyming can help you achieve this goal. But, using rhyming well can be very difficult. Here are some steps to get you started on your quest to beco... Read More »