How to Rewrite an Expression With Positive Exponents?

Answer If you have an expression with negative exponents, you can rewrite it with positive exponents by moving around the terms. A negative exponent indicates the number of times to divide by the term. Th... Read More »

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How to Rewrite Radicals Into Exponents?

To rewrite a radical as an exponent you must first understand the relationship between the two mathematical expressions. The n-th root of a number is equal to that number to the 1/n power. For exam... Read More »

How to Solve With Positive Exponents?

Knowing how to solve math problems with positive exponents, a math shorthand method for writing multiple multiplications, will help you solve math problems quicker. And that's because operations in... Read More »

How to Write Expressions With Positive Exponents?

Exponents are numbers that are added to other numbers or variables to indicate that a value is to be raised to a certain power. Raising a number to a power means that you multiply that number times... Read More »

How to Divide Expressions With Positive Exponents?

You can divide expressions with positive exponents that have the same bases by subtracting the denominator's exponent from the numerator's exponent. This simplifies an expression and makes it easie... Read More »