How to Reverse a Guilty Plea in Court?

Answer The rules of procedure in both the federal and state courts are designed to protect a defendant from any involuntary plea. There are a variety of procedures in place to allow the defendant to chang... Read More »

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How can you plead not guilty for a speeding ticket 500 miles away without appearing in court?

What does"no plea"mean?

In a court of law, the accused person is read the charges against him during what is known as an arraignment. He then enters a plea of guilty or not guilty. If the defendant decides to do neither, ... Read More »

Plea Agreement?

The prosecutor and defense attorney negotiate plea agreements to settle more than 80 percent of criminal cases without going to trial. The plea agreement can reduce the charge (a murder charge beco... Read More »

This is a plea for prayers please!?

I went to the Lord in prayer for you and Lance. I asked Him to alleviate the pain so that Lance can rest easier. Also for you. I know that nothing is worse than to have to watch someone you love su... Read More »