How to Reverse Engineer a Photomatix Watermark?

Answer Photomatix is a graphics program that allows you to create high dynamic range, or HDR, images. HDR images have greater tonal range than standard digital photographs. In the free trial edition, Phot... Read More »

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Is there some way to reverse-engineer my scanner to make it a printer?

Sure you could! About 4 years of mechanical engineering class, another 3 learning the machinist trade, another 3 in advanced electronics, etc etc. and you should be well on your way to getting it d... Read More »

How to Add Watermark to a PDF Document with Dysprosium PDF Watermark?

When you have a document in PDF format adding a watermark of yours to the background could come handy as ornamental or as asserting your ownership. This creative common tool can do it for you in a ... Read More »

What is the different between Software Engineer and Systems Engineer?

Software engineer is purely about programming, database, etc. and not going beyond it; whereas a systems engineer (in computer field) will have idea about application system e.g., payroll, inventor... Read More »

What is it like being a Hardware Engineer or Computer Engineer?

Most engineering programs are very difficult and math oriented. They aren't among the hardest majors (medical / pharmacy / law), but they are up there. As far as ease of finding a job, they are b... Read More »