How to Reuse Wastewater?

Answer Reusing wastewater is an activity widely practiced especially for crop irrigation. The total water supply in the world is more than enough to supply the entire human population's needs. However, mo... Read More »

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Wastewater Cleaning Tools?

Wastewater generated from industries, municipal and domestic systems contains impurities at unacceptable levels. The treatment of wastewater usually employs a wide range of tools and techniques, in... Read More »

Wastewater Collection Certification?

Every time we wash our hands, shower or flush a toilet, we generate wastewater that must be safely collected, treated and disposed. As our population grows, it's important that wastewater professio... Read More »

Water and Wastewater Equipment?

Since the introduction of running water in our homes, per capita water usage has gone from a couple gallons per day to about 30 gallons per day, according to Alan & Gill Bridgewater's "The Self Suf... Read More »

Federal Grants for Wastewater?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimated in 2004 that hundreds of millions of gallons of raw sewage go untreated every year, mostly due to aging treatment systems. To mitigate this ... Read More »