How to Reuse Tea Bags?

Answer Many women have turned to drinking green tea for the taste, antioxidants and health benefits that it provides. Once your tea bags are used, however, you probably throw them away. Instead of wasting... Read More »

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Can I reuse tea bags?

You can re-use tea bags. Although you may have to let them soak a while longer to make full-strength tea, re-steeping tea leaves is a common practice that works just as well with tea bags. You may ... Read More »

How to Reuse Shopping Bags?

In the interest of preserving the environment, many people are choosing to shop with their own durable and reusable shopping bags. This cuts down on the need for plastic or paper bags when they che... Read More »

Can you reuse undeployed air bags?

Yes, an undeployed air bag can be reused. Car dealers typically are the ones who reuse air bags. Undeployed air bags have to be removed from a vehicle before it is recycled.References:Oregon Depart... Read More »

How to Reuse Cereal Packet Bags?

If you are careful opening cereal packet bags, they can have a second life when the cereal has been eaten.