How to Reuse Medical Equipment?

Answer Medical equipment such as walking devices, adaptive equipment for dressing and bathing, bedside commodes and wheelchairs are expensive and often only needed for short periods of time. Canes, walker... Read More »

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If a medical equipment device is involved in an incident suspend use of the equipment and keep everything as it was at the time of the incident controls accessories etc What other actions should you?

Given a population of 5000 covered lives with balanced risk what is the total of the revenue paid directly to health care providers RX medical equipment plus any and all medical care?

Answer You'll never get the true stats on this one.It varies from hospital to hospital. One thing to keep in mind, when asked for money from a hospital to buy even a second-hand piece of equipmen... Read More »

Medical Equipment for Seniors?

Allowing seniors to care for themselves and helping caregivers offer better care is made easier with the help of the proper medical equipment. As seniors age, they lose mobility which increases the... Read More »

Types of Medical Equipment?

One of the many benefits of living in the modern era is the evolution of the medical industry. The days of primitive surgeries done without anesthesia or other products are long behind humanity, an... Read More »