How to Reuse Brass for Reloading?

Answer Handgun and rifle shooters commonly re-use the brass shell cases from rounds they fire for reloading. Shooters pick up their brass after firing and place it in a pocket or container to keep it clea... Read More »

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Do I need to size new brass before loading or reloading?

It's a good idea to do so. Resizing new brass ensures that the case length is correct and that the mouth on the case is the correct shape. Not resizing can result in finished rounds that are too lo... Read More »

How to Set Up Reloading Dies?

Reloading sporting ammunition is a growing hobby, especially as the price of loaded ammo continues to skyrocket. But new reloading equipment is expensive too, leading frugal shooters to search the ... Read More »

How to Calculate PSI in Reloading?

When reloading an inflatable object such as a tire or raft, pay attention to the PSI. This stands for pounds per square inch. Unfortunately, some air pumps or inflatable labels will not measure in ... Read More »

What Makes a Brass Singing Bowl Different From a Regular Brass Bowl?

Unlike basic brass bowls, antique brass singing bowls were crafted with seven different metals, one for each of the seven chakras. Singing bowl artists carefully tune each singing bowl to specific ... Read More »