How to Return an Item to FedEx?

Answer FedEx is one of the world's more reliable shipping companies. FedEx is also a convenient location as their stores contain a large variety of office supplies which enable you to walk into a location... Read More »

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I ordered a item from Spencers and choose fedex smartpost and i went online and tracked my item and it said it?

Fedex gives many packages for residential customers to deliver. Your mailman should deliver it. First, go on the USPS tracking site, and enter your number. It may not have gone out yet. If it s... Read More »

What Store will allow you to Return an Item without any Receipt!?

How to Ask a Friend to Return an Item They Borrowed?

When you lend a friend an item of yours, sometimes you never get it back. The item is 'forgotten', or just kept as a gift because it is so well-liked. It is difficult to just go over and ask your f... Read More »

How to Return an Item to a Retail Store?

Everyone misplaces a receipt for a purchase, and then they find out that it either does not fit, if it is a wearing apparel, or that you just do not like it or the way it works. Returns are easy, w... Read More »