How to Return a Tenant's Security Deposit?

Answer Most landlords opt to collect a security deposit with the first month's rent to ensure compensation if their rental property is left in disarray. The amount of the security deposit depends on the l... Read More »

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In California can a Property management Co withhold a re-leasing fee from the security deposit after it has agreed to allow the tenants to terminate a lease early?

There are several state laws that govern property management in California. Apparently, a real estate license is required there in order to manage property. You can inquire at your local city hall ... Read More »

New York Renter's Law on Return of Security Deposit for a Sublet?

Landlords usually ask a tenant or subtenant for a security deposit. The amount of the security deposit varies but is usually equal to one month's rent. New York law controls the handling of the sec... Read More »

How to File a Small Claims Lawsuit for the Return of a Security Deposit?

When you sign a lease for a rental property, you will be asked for a security deposit. This is to protect the landlord in case you damage the property or default on your lease. At the end of your l... Read More »

When did"no deposit, no return"first appear on beer bottles?

The first beer bottle bearing the words "No Deposit, No Return, Not to be Refilled" appeared in 1939, according to the Beer Timetable on the Museum of Beverage Containers and Advertising website.So... Read More »