How to Return a Tenant's Security Deposit?

Answer Most landlords opt to collect a security deposit with the first month's rent to ensure compensation if their rental property is left in disarray. The amount of the security deposit depends on the l... Read More »

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In California can a Property management Co withhold a re-leasing fee from the security deposit after it has agreed to allow the tenants to terminate a lease early?

There are several state laws that govern property management in California. Apparently, a real estate license is required there in order to manage property. You can inquire at your local city hall ... Read More »

New York Renter's Law on Return of Security Deposit for a Sublet?

Landlords usually ask a tenant or subtenant for a security deposit. The amount of the security deposit varies but is usually equal to one month's rent. New York law controls the handling of the sec... Read More »

How to File a Small Claims Lawsuit for the Return of a Security Deposit?

When you sign a lease for a rental property, you will be asked for a security deposit. This is to protect the landlord in case you damage the property or default on your lease. At the end of your l... Read More »

Can you receive a tax return through direct deposit in 5 days?

When a federal tax return is E-filed (electronically submitted) and the return is to be direct deposited, the turn-around time is extremely fast. However, it will still take about 10 to 14 days, st... Read More »